Creativity tools

I build tools to empower creatives to use their full potential while staying focused with a bit of craziness.

Workshop tools

Creativity in team and co-creation tools

Workshop Timer

This app for Mac OS X helps teachers and consultants run timer based workshops. They can create up to 4 preset timers with notes.

Screen Form

The Screen Form app for Mac OS X let's events organizers, like teachers and workshop leaders, display on a computer a simple form to capture the personal information of the event attendees. 

Shit Ideas Method

The Shit Ideas Method is a workshop tool that helps generate ideas without self censorship and brings workshop attendees back to the knowledge they have unconsciously acquired.

Solo creativity

Tools to get things done by yourself

Quick Web Sketch

The Quick Web Sketch is a collection of pre-drawn website modules that can be used to build a quick sketch of a landing page or website. This sketching kit is done for the Paper iPad App

Fast Idea Generator

The Fast Idea Generator is a web application that helps creatives to generate quickly new ideas. They just have to enter a few keywords and the app will guide you to find new ideas for each keyword. This app is based on the toolkit by Nesta.

Suisse Timer

Suisse Timer is a countdown app made for creative people. It let's creatives set a timing goal and launch it. Then they can do their creative work and know in a beautiful manner how much time is remaining for it. This tool is based on the article A timer for better ideas.

Synonym finder

The Synonym Dictionnaire is a tool that helps creatives find the perfect synonym with the perfect end rime. This tool is especially useful for french poetry.

Spotify Work Playlist

A music playlist that has the right amount of repetitive beats and happy music to stay creative and focused.


New teaching and learning experiences


Train your eyes to good design in a few blinks. This little web app shows in 10 seconds dozens of images of amazing design pieces from history or today.


Michelle is your memory assistant. This is a simple email service that reminds you knowledge you want to remember. 

Read and watch

A selection of books, articles and videos you should look at. Each piece has a little explanation about why you should look at it. It's a great place to start if you are interested in design related topics.

Designer utilities

Small Mac Apps for designers


Lowly is a one button Mac OS X app to help you set uppercase text into lowercase in just a click.


Tempy is a no button Mac OS X app where you can write temporary notes without that dum autosave feature that creates useless documents. 

Patrizia app

The Patrizia app for Mac OS X is a minimal productivity tool that alows you to only work on five tasks for the day. The task categories are predefined to enable you to have a better work-life balance.


Counterly is a simple app for Mac OS X that counts the number of signs in your text. Nothing else. Nothing more.


Simple models for complex problems

Humor usage Canvas

In my Master Thesis I developed a canvas to help social workers engaged in social emergency services to use humor as a tool to enhance the experience of their visitors.

Kick-Off Canvas

The Kick-Off Canvas is a canvas for co-creating with clients creative briefs in a structured view. This tool enables both the client and the creative to have a clear overview of the project and share a common vision and understanding of the project they are working on. 

Service Blueprint

An iteration of the Service Blueprint with a focus on the backstage implementation. This iteration makes the blueprint useable by project managers.

Graphic Design

Tools for the graphic design practice

Markdown to Indesign template

This template file for Indesign transforms Markdown texts in fully designed Indesign files. This is an experiment based on an extreme usage of the GREP styles panel.


Experimental fonts available for everyone

Fryda Beta Typeface

The Fryda typeface is a sans serif with a typical swiss made look. This is the first text font that I created for long texts. The font is still in beta.

Marceline Handwriting Typeface

Marceline is a handwriting typeface designed with an iPad. This font has a playful look based on my own handwriting and uses only capitals. 

Geraldine Sans

Geraldine is a headline typeface inspired my movie posters. It's a bold typeface suited for bold statements. Created at ECAL. 



Collection of items relevant for creatives

Sketching Kit

The Sketching Kit aims to provide ready to use sketching elements to people without drawing skills.  This library features 400+ hand drawn sketch elements that can be downloaded for free and are ready to use.

From A to B

From A to B is a collection of free public domain photos that where shot during my many travels across Switzerland and the World.

3.23 icons collection

This icon collection was the first large icon set with several hundred elements published on The Noun Project. The icons are deadly simple with an outline look. 

L—O icons collection

This collection of icons unites in each symbol a location with an object. These icons were designed for an experimental app that allowed people to remember more easily where they left their most important objects before going in holidays.

100 hand made icons

A collection of icons drawn with the thumb on an iPhone. These simple vector line icons are released for free.

Storytelling Stock

Public domain photographies for great storytelling. 
Curated with care by image professionals

Forms of concept

A tiny visual guide to help non designers to express their idea visually.

Links collections

Curated external tools listings

Service Design Tools

List of tools, published on ProductHunt, that can be used in Service Design.

Research Tools

List of tools, published on ProductHunt, that can be used for design and service design research.

Prototyping Tools

List of tools, published on ProductHunt, that can be used for building and testing prototypes.

Design Tools collection

List of tools, published on ProductHunt, that can be used in all fields of design.

Great Stock Images and Videos collection

List of stock images and videos libraries, published on ProductHunt, without the typical unemotional stock image look and feel.