Don’t assume that I know how to spell your company name

We are super proud of the name we found for our babies. When others say the name but with a tiny error we get emotional. It’s as if people were not respecting our dear and cute baby. The fact is that people made their best to spell that really weird name you have to your baby. It’s exactly the same for brand names. Brands are so proud of their name that they can’t imagine that somebody will have some issues spelling it.

Let’s take a super simple example: Kellogs or is it Kellogg’s ? Last Saturday on the box of cornflakes I was eating there was an advertising for a contest. You had to type a web page address and there you could join the contest. After typing the name I arrived on a weird website. It’s only after a few seconds that I notified that this page wasn’t about Kellogg’s at all. I had just misspelled the brand name.

Kellogg’s is the kind of name you see every day. It’s so well known that we all should know how to spell it. But that morning I just did it wrong and it wasn’t the best experience possible. Was it my fault? In fact, it wasn’t. It’s a weird name in my native language. We never see words with a double g.

Buy domains with the wrong spelling

The solution to this tiny problem is also tiny. Don’t be so proud of your brand name. Admit those others don’t know how to spell it. And finally, buy the domains with spelling errors. If you don’t do it somebody else with less good intentions will do it. This is something that I advise every client to do. And I have to admit that it was even helpful to me. Even, if sometimes, I was part of the people who found the great brand name I misspelled it.