Constant change means constant observation of context

The popular saying tells us that the world is in constant change. If we think that there is any truth in that sentence, then it has some huge implication on the services we are running.

Constant observation

If things often change, we must be able to track when the change happens. This means that we should go back to the observation and research mode from time to times. Observations and user research are steps that are usually done when we create a new service. In a world of constant change, we need to do our homework, again and again, to see what did change and how it changed. This means that user research should also happen after you launch our product or service.
Besides the qualitative aspect of user research, we can also have a quantitative approach. You can define some key metrics to track to be able to monitor the changes.

Change of metrics

As we know things always change, we must not only have metrics to track the change. We must also be aware that with the time there will be new metrics to track that will be more relevant.
The metrics which were relevant at a time will not be relevant later. You can’t measure the success of a musician today by only taking into account the sales of disks. Today if you need to see the number of listenings of his songs on the streaming platforms. You have to look at the number of views of his clips on YouTube, the number of fans of his Facebook page. These are new metrics we had not a few years ago. The same goes for any business which is under the pressure of constant change.

If you believe in constant change, question the metrics you use today. Be ready to challenge your assumptions. And finally talk to your customers.