Show a photo of the personalized item before sending it

A company like Lumi has understood a lot of things about how to run a service of personalized products. When you order a product on their website, you receive as on any e-commerce site an estimation of the arrival of your product. But a few days later you receive an unexpected email. You receive in your email box a photo of the personalized good. And in this email, someone of the staff is asking you if everything is all right like this. This kind of little attention is perfect for the customer for two main reasons.

Make sure there isn’t an issue

Showing a photo of produced item before sending it makes it possible to spot problems before you send the item. If there is a problem, the customer hasn’t to re-send the product and wait a few weeks again and spend some cash to send it. And we all know how annoying and painful the process of resending items to a producer is. So by sending a picture of the personalized item before, you avoid this process. That means fewer costs in unnecessary expeditions costs for the company. And it also means less frustration for the customer.

Make the buyer proud

When you receive a photo of the personalized object you ordered and it looks great you feel so happy. In fact, when I received an email of Lumi with the picture of my personalized good I could send it to my fiancé. And so make her proud about what we ordered together.