Don’t assume I know that everything is all right

It’s a long time that I didn’t go to a doctor. Thus, I didn’t remember how the administrative process works. I entered, had to fill a form and give my insurance card. Then I had the medical examination, and the doctor says everything is fine I can go. Great. I pass in front of the secretary; she is talking with a colleague. Do I have to fill another form to leave? I don’t know. So I have to wait that she finishes here conversation to finally get my answer. There is nothing to do; I don’t have to pay here. I don’t have to fill any more documents. It’s all handled by my insurance company. Wow, this would have been a fantastic service! But only if I hadn’t to wait to know it.

This experience shows that as a service provider we often try to make the life of the users super easy. But sometimes we forget to tell the user that he can take it easy. And this because we already took care of everything. Remember that not everyone knows that everything is all right. You sometimes have just to let people know.

The same happens with many companies. You ordered something, but you haven’t any feedback that everything is all good. So you ask, and then they tell you it’s all good. But why didn’t tell me before? You would have spared a lot of doubts and that annoying phone call where at the end you feel stupid. That is especially true for startups and freelancers. They try to do the best work possible, but sometimes forget to tell the client that they are on it.