To improve your service start by paying your employees right

Why are some tourists awfully welcome in Sicily. Because of bad service? No. Because the receptionist isn’t paid well. I’m a Swiss Sicilian guy, and I still have some family in Sicily. It’s fascinating to see that it’s a region that has all the attributes of a top location for tourists. And at the same time, many of these same tourists never come back.

The Sicilian evil loop

The problem Sicilian tourism face is the evil loop of bad salaries. Because the economic situation is bad, people aren’t paid well. Because people aren’t paid well, they don’t want to go the extra mile in their job. Who would care about pleasing a tourist when you get paid only less than 1000 bucks to do it. And this, when you rent, costs 500 bucks. Nobody. Because the staff does a mediocre work, the staff treats tourists like shit. Because tourists don’t feel appreciate, they don’t come back. Because tourists don’t come back, the economic situation is bad. And so does the loop start over and over.

Break the loop

To tackle such an issue you have to cut the circle somewhere. And one of the quickest and most challenging ways to do this is to raise salaries. People will do their job in a much better way. That will make customers come back. And then we go from an evil circle to a positive circle. Sure, it isn’t so simple to do. When you raise salaries, you also need to take care of the work culture. If employees weren’t doing good work before and did this for a long time you have to re-teach what good service is. But you can only ask someone to care about the service they provide if you show them respect.