Seriously, you don’t need my address and phone to make an offer!

There is something that makes me crazy again and again. Why do some companies ask me my personal address and phone number before they send me an offer. It’s amazingly stupid. Not only these ask for my data, but they make it required. So I can’t get an offer or see their pricing if I don’t give my data. That is total nonsense from a user perceptive. I understand that a company wants to have as much data as possible about me. I understand that then it can count me as a prospect that you re-activate later. But this still doesn’t make sense from a user perspective. When I ask you for an offer, I’m not sure I want to work with you. So why should I give you my phone number if it’s possible that we won’t do business together. If you send me an attractive offer, and we start working together, then I have no problem to give my personal information.

Today the seduction of customers also happens by asking less information about them.

If I have to ask a few offers for a product and there are plenty of providers, the one who force me to give my personal information too soon won’t even receive my offer request.