Make sales on only one product type at a time

People hate to make trade-offs. Should I choose this or that? On the other hand, special sales is an excellent way to attract people. But what happens if you have two attractive sales at the same time on similar products or services? People will have a lot of pain figuring out which opportunity is the best. In fact, research shows that in such occasions sales attract fewer people. Thus here is my rule when I have to tell people how to run sales and special actions.

Make only one product or service of each category on sale at a time.

Or create natural tradeoffs

If you are a bit more manipulative, you can create easier tradeoffs. If you want to put two products from the same category on sales, there is still a little trick. The trick is to have one opportunity which is way better than the other. Make it clear that there is one super duper incredible special action. And the other one is just a bit less expensive, but not especially relevant. Then your sales look more generous, and still people don’t have such a hard time figuring out what they should do.