Don’t force me to call you

As a digital native guy, there is one thing that bothers me again and again. I want to book a table at a restaurant, and the only contact possibility is a damn telephone number. Or I want to ask for information about a product, and still there is only a phone number. Why would I call you if the only time I’m using the phone feature on my smartphone is to answer to my grand’ma? Don’t get me wrong, having the choice to make a direct call is great, but it should be a choice. As a service creator, you should give me, at least, two possibilities to contact you. Let me send you an email or call you directly.

If it’s late in the night, and I want to make my reservation faster, a simple email is so much better for you and me. As a user, I don’t have to find a way to remind myself to call you on the next day. And as a service provider, you don’t lose the customer who can’t remember to call you later. As a general rule, we could follow the following sentence.

Always allow a direct and an asynchronous contact possibility for your customers. Which one it is is of less importance.