Send potential customers to your competitors

We design each service, company or product for a particular target group. All would love that our goods and services would work for everyone, but that’s not the case. This fact makes us more sensible to the fact that some customers who come to you shouldn’t do so. Let’s assume you sell some premium shoes. You have a customer coming in, and he tells you about his budget and wishes for some beautiful wedding shoes. But the problem is that his budget is too small for your shop. You could try to make him buy anyway. Or you can tell him that you are not a good fit for him. But there is another solution that the good vendors use. Send these customers to your competitors. This client won’t be happy with you. But you can make him happy by sending him somewhere else. So do it. That’s what the service industry does: make people happy. At the end of the day, this ex-client is pleased and maybe some day he could return to your shop with more budget. Because he knows the service, there was great.


Let’s take another scenario. A customer has some hesitations about a project he wants to start with your company. You feel that it might be that you are not the best cultural fit for this project. Before accepting the project, recommend some of your competitors to your potential customer. That seems utterly stupid, but in fact, it’s something powerful. By doing so, you show that you care more about the project than about your money. It shows that you respect the work of others. But even more strong, it shows that you know your value. You aren’t afraid that they choose someone else. If they do, it’s that the project wouldn’t be great together. Finally, this attitude helps the client to be sure about his decision to work with you.


These two scenarios give the essence of the following rule. Any service provider could follow it to enhance the customer experience:

“People should choose your company not because they don’t know any other but because they want to work with you.”