Frustrate the rude customers

Each service, shop attracts at a moment some rude customers. The typical tough customer is one which who takes advantage of other customers politeness. We all lived this situation where we are waiting in a waiting line, and some asshole takes our spot. Many nice people don’t get angry and convince themselves that they are not so much in a hurry. Such a situation has a high potential for shop owners to improve their service. The shop owner or vendor can refuse to serve at first the rude customer who stole the spot. By frustrating the rude customer, the vendor shows respect for the polite customer. Then if the polite customer is in a gentle mood, he can then offer his spot but isn’t forced to do it by the situation.


The situation created by rude customers create frustration. Thus, why should we create another difficulty in such a circumstance? The original frustration is often directed towards the polite customers. These are clients who are more sensible to the little demonstrations of respect. If you are nice to such a user, he will remember it. A typical rude customer is a selfish person. He is just looking about himself and not sensible to any little attention. I assume here that it’s easier to create customer loyalty with polite customers. Much easier than with rude ones.


Rude customers are not only disturbing the experience of one other customer. In public transportation users listening to their music on loud speakers disturb everyone. If a train controller asks the rude customer to shut down his speaker, then he enhances the experience of the whole wagon.


When you are in situations where you have to frustrate at least one person, always choose to thwart the asshole in the room. Not the nice person. That is common sense in the creation of any service.