When you add this remove that

Creative people love brainstorming sessions. There they can generate a lot of new ideas and concepts. Usually such brainstorming sessions end in the creation of many new to-do elements. But there is a well-known problem. Time is a limited resource. As we create new ideas, we also end up lowering our available time. That’s why I propose for every consultant and creative the following rule:

«Always ensure you remove at least as much as you create»

This rule is of extreme importance for consultants. We are in the position where we help others achieve things and innovate. But to do that, we also must ensure that the people we are helping have the time to do so. At the end of brainstorming meetings, make a list of all usual tasks. List the one which you can remove, simplify, or delegate so to create time for the new ideas.

This exercise of eliminating, simplifying and delegating could also be a semesterly routine. It can help teams to free time after times where they added again and again new work in the task list. But to make such exercises work the rule has to be clear. If you go through your task list and do not find anything to remove, simplify or delegate then, you are lying. That’s where again the consultant and the creative and crazy mind can be provocative. And so push people forward.