Quick web sketch for the Paper App — v0.2

The « Quick Web Sketch » is an updated version of an earlier attempt to build a library of elements to build faster structures of landing pages. This new version features 16 different modules, like header, navbars, sliders, portraits, video, etc.

How to use it

This library is made in the Paper app for iPad. Each module can be dragged and dropped on the scene. To duplicate an element press on it and in the same time tap on an other place of the screen. Then you can move the duplicated module to the scene. This ensure that you can always come back to the raw library elements.



Here under you can see an example of a landing page sketch made with this tool. This sketch was build in less than 2 minutes by just dragging and dropping the different elements. Then I bit of styling was done, and «voilà».

Demo of usage

Demo of usage


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