Strategy Rules

In the last time, I have set a new personal challenge. Read on book per week to push my thinking forward. The book I finished this week is Strategy Rules by David B. Yoffie and Michael A. Cusumano. 
This book describes five rules with four portions for each rule. Yoffie and Cusumano took their inspiration from the study of three silicon valley leaders: Bill Gates, Andy Grove and Steve Jobs. I tried to summarize these 20 elements in a manner that makes sense to me in practice as service designer. 

Future and inflexions

What is coming?

The first strategy rule is to think forward and then come back. When you think back, you can imagine where are the major inflexion points. When will the customers change behavior? When will your competitor innovate? In the foresight exercise you can base your reflexion on the vision you have for your service or company, the user needs. If you are in a highly competitive market, you can also include the competitor moves in the foresight exercise. 


Stop thinking about products

Service Design teaches this well: we are in the age of platforms and services. Do not only create a great product but make it live on a platform. That means that you could need help from partners. It could also mean that you may have to challenge your own business and maybe cannibalize your product and services. Finally, if you are building a platform what are the key elements that you to do by yourself? What are the elements that are a showcase for your service that you will take care about?


Execution tips

The strategy needs good tactics. The main one are about the agility of your process. Do you innovate in public or secret? Are you collaborative or the unique creator? Always take into consideration the leverage partners and competitors have on you. Also, consider what is the leverage you have on them.


Human execution

You build a service or company with humans for humans. When you build the team consider the weakness and strength of the different elements to create a good match. Always follow up on the details that need care. And do not forget to zoom out to have the broader view.