Give design feedback with your whole body

In the last months, I had to give a lot of design feedback in German. I speak German, but not as good as I wish. So what does happen when you haven’t enough words to explain your thoughts? You speak as Italians do: with your whole body.

Universal feedback

Do you speak design?

In the last weeks, I have started to use my whole body to give feedback about design pieces. For example, when elements where spread across a page without a clear structure I just said: « It’s dancing you know ». Then I mimicked the different positions of the element in space. So, I didn’t only express a visual problem but also the emotion that the design shares. This feeling of «dancing» is OK for some designs, but for others it’s just not working. In just a few basic words and a bit of funny movement, I was able to give a feedback that was clear enough. Even if I hadn’t access to all the complex words of my mother tongue, I shared the key insight. 

Accessible feedback

Open to non-designers

Body feedback is accessible to everyone despite their design skills. You can translate the problem into a movement or by how your body would react to it. Does the design feel like you are trapped? Do you need more space to breath? These are valuable information for designers but told in an accessible way. Sometimes, it can be good to use such feedback with clients. You can then explain design decision with accessible and simple words. Or, we could teach clients to use such a type of body feedback. It would help them to explain the problems they see. They wouldn’t focus on the atoms of the problem (colors, forms, etc.). But they would share insights about the system and what it expresses to them. 

Fun feedback

Serious play

Giving body feedback can lead to crazy and funny moments. You’ll find yourself at work, doing huge movements, dancing and screaming like a fool. It’s way more fun than to comment it in the classical «art director» way. If you are bored with the usual feedback sessions, try this new approach. And just have some serious fun.


Thanks to Jessica

Thanks to Jessica Jaeger, who inspired me this post and had to work with a dancing designer.