Case studies

This is how service innovation, social design, technology and swiss design were brought together in my practice. 

Empowering young creatives
for social innovation

Workshop & lecture at the JRC 2015 conference

I partnered with the 2015 JRC (Junior Design Research Conference) to create an idea generation workshop that would share the love for social design to young creatives coming from the top design schools of Switzerland. Each participant generated 50 crazy and innovative solutions to improve an existing social project in just an hour.

Co-creation in an homeless shelter

Made at HSLU for the Salvation Army

This one year and a half research project for service innovation in an homeless shelter was a partnership between the Salvation Army and the HSLU were I developed my Master Project and Thesis. More than 300  ideas to improve the service were produced, 70 of them were prototyped and 14 were implemented. The whole process was based on co-creation with the service leaders and workers and ethnographic field research about the service users.

Real people insights for artisans

Made at Enigma for the city of Carouge

Enigma partnered with the city of Carouge and it's merchant community to build a toolkit that enables the merchant to innovate their services for the future. In this research project I conducted the Service Design aspects and all the field research. This allowed Enigma to present insights from real people to the artisans.

Co-creating service storytelling

Made at Enigma for ewz

Enigma partnered with ewz to communicate the launch of a new innovative service of the Electricity provider for the city of Zürich. The storytelling guidelines were defined in a co-creation workshop that I structured.

Bottom-up design with web to print

Pro bono project made for an NGO

I partnered with an international NGO to help create the tools that allows the local communities to build design elements for their event communication. The solution is a web to print application with minimal features and an easy to use interface. This project took more than a year to be developed and is based and solves the frustration of being dependent to the hierarchy of the local workers.

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